Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Morning Stoop

Three sets of bare feet, and as many sets of pajamas - and the puppy of course.

2 milks, 2 pieces of swirl bread, and 1 orange juice.

Every morning the fours of us step out on to the front stoop of our porch.

Fig explores the yard. Big and little brother drink and eat as they talk between themselves.

I sit on the first step and try to say as little as possible :)

The morning air sometimes cool, more often now - thick, lets us is still summer.

We slowly wake up.

The two boys talk more and start to explore.

I am now able to respond to their questions.

"Mama, What's this?"  "Mama, Look at that."  "Mama, What is that noise?"

After a few more minutes, it is off to the races. :)

Thanks for reading.

 - brook.

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