Monday, December 22, 2014

Toddler Christmas Crafts [2014]

Both of my kids have been sick recently.....flu bug sick - and my oldest has been itching to do something productive.

A couple of mornings ago, he woke up and said....

"Mommio, today, I would like to make a Christmas Tree, a Snowman, a Christmas Fish, and some ornaments."

A Christmas Fish?

"Yes, a Christmas Fish."

Uh......okay, let's get on Pinterest and see what you might like to make.

After a few minutes of looking online and digging through what is left of our supply of craft stuff, [F] and I came up with 4 super easy (and I think really cute) last minute Christmas Crafts.

These crafts are pretty straight forward from the pictures so my actual directions won't be much....except for the Christmas Fish :) that one deserves a little back story :)

First up.....

I couldn't find our hole I used a sharpened pencil to punch holes for the ribbon garland. I accidentaly ripped the tree in a couple of places. [F] was kind about it, but kept looking at me with that side glance like "um, could you get your act together?" (I don't know where he could have gotten that look from :)

Next up..... I think my favorite of the day.......

I wish I could say this is our original idea, but it isn't. I found it at Learning in Spain. Isn't he the sweetest snowman you have ever seen?

Neither of my kids will put their hands in paint, so we had to get creative. A pencil eraser is perfect for making the snow.

And now for......

This is 100% a creation made up for the brain of [F].

His instructions to me went something like this:

"Um, it needs to look like Nemo with a big tail thing and little tails things on the bottom....except the stripes need to be those little Christmas beads."

Christmas beads?

"Yeah, you know those little round shiny Christmas Beads.......and he needs to have on a Christmas hat, Go!" (just kidding, he didn't say 'Go' but he might as well have)

I will have to say, we nailed it.

And lastly......

Did the name 'Holiday Christmas Baubles' trick you into thinking they are fancier than they actually are? :)

As you can tell from my 'eastery' collection of colors here - our construction paper supply is almost on 'E'.

We pasted them to some paper, but I think they would make cute gift tags as well.

If Josh is home working, he usually can't help but jump in and participate. He left, just as the bottle of glitter fell on the floor :)

I am learning that my littlest doodle has very little interest in crafts at this point. He left us about 1 minute into the snowman :)

Hopefully, one of these will tickle your fancy for a quick Christmas craft this upcoming week.

Merry Christmas!

Thanks for reading.

- brook.

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