Friday, December 5, 2014

The Cape

My mind is blown that it is December 5th. So before 2015 is here, I wanted to post a few things pertaining to THIS year :)

The last couple of months seem to have gone by so quickly. Maybe it is because we took our beach trips much later than usual.

The beach for us was very different than in years past. For the first time ever, we went to the Gulf Coast and I will have to say, although Golden Isle water is in my blood, I am in love.

We went to this tiny little place called Cape San Blas. To me, it has the low key - undeveloped pace of some the places I love on the East Coast, but the water is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS.

We got their super late on the first night - so we didn't get to see much, but the next morning, we woke to the most amazing sight. The horizon was a glowing white line. I have never seen anything like it and of course this photo does not do it justice.

I am not sure why (atmospherically) this would be happening seeing as the sun was rising behind us.
Either way, it was breath taking.

Here you can see, the bright line fades on at a certain point where the clouds darken.

The second thing that was a huge change is the fact that we stayed on the water. It was wonderful. As each one of us got out of bed in the morning, we would slowly make our way to the porch to wake up.

Littlest took the longest to warm up to the water. Daddio is always the best at encouraging him.

My most favorite change from our usual beach trip to the Atlantic, is being able to watch the sun set. Oh, the have I lived without a beachy sunset? This was the one from the first night.

The beach changed so much in the week we were there. One morning, we woke to this steep cliff created by the tide.

I put this one in - after a little birdie mentioned there were no photos of me :) This is one of TWO photos I am in from the whole trip :) I am usually the one taking the pictures - and I find it really uncomfortable to take 'selfies'. I even find using the word 'selfie' makes me uncomfortable :). So, here is some proof that I was there too :)

My artist had to get his hands sandy.

This sunset was on the bay side of the cape.

This handsome gentleman welcomed us to the best seafood meal I have EVER eaten.

That night, the sky was on fire.

On the very last day, we went out to the beach for the last time to enjoy another sunset.

Thanks for reading.

- brook.


  1. So glad to see this pictures. Hope to be there next year! We need more pictures of mamabeenoe! Love you.

  2. Yes, we hope you are there too :) I went back and added a picture of me....just for you :). Love you, too.