Saturday, January 3, 2015

2015 Resolutions

2015. It is 2015.


Because it is a New Year - like a moth to the flame - I set resolutions :)

First, I wanted to share a status update on where I am with my resolutions from 2014.

I did somewhat succeed in 'Take Better Care of Myself'.

I have for several months now, washed my face everyday (twice a day, even :).

I, for the most part, worked out 3 times a week. This included completing the 'Couch to 5K' training and running in my first 5K.

This was a big one for me, not only because I have never been a runner - I mean NEVER (The only other time in my life I have run a mile was in elementary school when I had to for the 'Presidential Fitness Evaluation'), but also because I learned the value of partnership in working out. Partnership and support will continue to be key for me moving forward in physical fitness.

Another resolution from 2014, 'Send Birthday Cards' also went pretty well.

I sent out many a Birthday Card this year, even though I will admit that some may have been late as the year progressed :) and the last one I sent this year was a text - not just a text, text.....but a picture of a Birthday Salutation I hand drew. Either way, everyone on my list, heard from me on their birthday.

On a more unsuccessful note......

I flat out did not 'Make a Slow Cooked Beef Stew' (I did, however learn to use my rice maker and made a KILLER braised brisket :)

NOR did I complete a 'Jesse Tree' (I do have the scripture outlined for this, but all other parts are left undone).

Both of these things I am still determined to do. Who knows?.... maybe 2015 is the year.

Now for with last year I set out to 'Try Something New', 'Do Some Things Better', and 'Keep Doing' others.

Try Something New

1. Low Maintenance Photo Albums

I have too many photos hidden in iPhoto. It is time for them to come out to be enjoyed. This year, I hope to set a system for photo albums that can be maintained fairly easily and inexpensively. Here are a couple of inspiration shots along the lines of what I am thinking.

{Soule Mama}

{Manda Townsend}

2. Complete My First Cross Stitch

On our trip to Navarre this past year, my neighbor cross stitched the entire time. Throughout the week, she would teach me different things about cross stitching and share little hints and tricks. When we got home, she gifted me a cross-stitching starter kit. Immediately, I started on a (pretty large, ambitious) piece that I hope to finish this year.

Do Some Things Better

1. Daily Rest

I don't mean sleeping at night, daily rest. I mean rest during the day, daily rest. Taking time, every day, to sit in, pray, or maybe just sit :)

2. Working Out

In the past, I have focused intensely on one form of working out or the other and have not been very well rounded in my weekly plan. This year, I would like to mix strength training, running, and dance/step cardio every week. I would like to run another 5K this year. Also, I want to complete all 90 days of Tracy Anderson's Metamorphosis (which will probably take me the entire year).

3. Snail Mail

In addition to Birthday Cards, I want to send out more 'just because' mail. I am shooting for a measurable goal of once a month with this one.

4. Hand Lettering

I have always like to hand letter but have never intentionally set out to learn about it or expand my ability. This year, with the encouragement of my husband, I am going to work toward bettering my skill at hand lettering.

I have swooned over this book for quite some time and Josh got it for me for Christmas :) I have looked through it cover to cover several times already. It offers loads of inspiration for me.

Keep on

1. Blogging

Writing and sharing here on Mama Bee No E is still a joy for me. I have new writing goals for this year that may or may not come about. Either way, I will keep at it.

To all of you, who are still reading after almost two years....thanks for following along.

I hope 2015 finds you well.

- brook.

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