Monday, January 5, 2015

Winter Reading List 2015

Hello, all you avid readers. I have composed another Winter Reading List :) for you to reference if you need book ideas.

Disclaimer :) I have not read all of the books on this list, I am highlighting them as potential reads. So if you read one that is not your favorite, please keep this in mind - they are 'suggestions' made to me by some of my good friends and Mama Bee No E readers.
Couple of things...

  • they are not listed in any particular order 
  • thanks to Beth, Leila, Sarah, Jane and Joney for the suggestions.
  • the links lead to where I pulled the cover images....this may or not be the best place to purchase - personally, I check them out from the library :) 
  • if you have a title to suggest, please leave a comment below (or on Facebook) and I will add the cover to the next reading list. 
  • Happy reading!

St. Simons Trilogy: Book One

St. Simons Trilogy: Book Two

St. Simons Trilogy: Book Three

You may also enjoy the 2014 Winter Reading List.

- brook.

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