Monday, February 2, 2015

The Cure - Mary Heart / Martha World [Week 4]

God continued to unload the wagon, removing both light and heavy items. They dropped to the ground, the dust swirling up around them. The man who had hoped to help God grew silent. [pg. 50]

The first illustration of this chapter hit me directly in the face. Except rather than piling additional rocks onto what the Lord has placed into my cart, I am guilty of taking out the rocks the Lord has put there to replace them with ones I feel should be in there.  Ugh! talk about growing silent.

What rocks should stay? Which ones need to go? What rocks did I take out that should go back in?

These questions have been swirling around in my mind since I read this chapter. Thankfully Jesus offers such sweet words to these questions.

"You are worried and upset about many things, but only one thing is needed." Luke 10:41-42

Only one thing. That is all, to sit at His feet. Not only do we NOT have to be worried and upset but only one thing is needed from us....Availability.

Joanna writes to this SO well.

We can add so many requirements to our faith that the "one thing" is swallowed by the "many", and the "best" is obliterated by the "good". [pg. 61]

I found that even though my heart was changed by this lesson, being available on a daily basis is some times easier said than done.

The rocks in my life not only seem to fill up my cart, but they eat every two hours and giggle and scream and move around a lot :) But I believe that even in this season of raising small children, it is possible to be available. The reason I know this - because Jesus told me so :)

At the end of verse 42 in Luke chapter 10, Jesus tells Martha that 'the better part'....the one thing that is needed - will not be taken from Mary.

That is the truth.

Most days, I have to really wear out Tip #2 from pg. 58 - "Ask God to reveal the next step."

It may not always occur at the same time of day, or for the same amount of time.....but I can say that every day that I make my heart available step by step, He shows me where my quiet time fits in. I don't know how it all works, but it does.

And on the days I fail.......

What will we do when told we've missed out on the best God has for us?
Will we bow our knees, or will we run back to what is familiar?
Will we sputter excuses or humble our hearts? [pg. 55]

In His full grace and mercy, He gives me the opportunity to choose again and again and again.

Let's talk about it.....

If you feel led, please comment below about all or just one of these items. We will focus on this chapter all week, so please jump in any day you find time. Also, please feel free to respond to others who have commented, let us encourage each other.

1. Question 3 from the Study Guide asks - What do you think Jesus meant in Luke 10:38-42 when he told Martha that only one thing was needed?

2. What are some of the rocks overloading your cart?

3. What spoke most to you from this chapter?

I look forward to hearing form you :)

- brook.

* All quotes mentioned above are noted by page number and are taken from 'Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World' by Joanna Weaver.

** Find out more about Joanna's ministry and how to purchase her books here.


  1. For my entire life, before reading this book, I always just thought this passage was just referencing that the one thing needed was Jesus. The simple fact that Jesus died for our sins and we need to accept him as our savior. Of course that is what is needed most, but after you have that knowledge in your heart, you can get down to how that plays out in your life. After reading this book, I realize that Jesus was saying that the one thing needed is fellowship with him. I highlighted the line, "It was her internal disabilities that he
    probed-the dark corners of pride and prejudice, the spiritual handicap
    of busyness that left her unable to to enjoy the intimacy of his
    presence." God wants that fellowship with us and to pour his life into
    all of us.
    I love the story about the rocks and it has made an impact on how I approach my time. I need to carry those things he has asked me to carry. I like how in the book she says, "When the Holy Spirit does ask something of me, I'm either knee deep in another project or too exhausted from my latest exercise in futility to do what God wants of me." I need to be open to what he is calling me to do. If you fill your cart with other stuff, you won't have room for what God wants.
    This chapter really spoke to me about what is really important in my life. Are my priorities reflecting my life in Christ? Am I giving him the leftovers or just checking off the to-dos of prayer, Bible studies, devotions, etc.? I am not making the most out of my fellowship with him, opening myself up so he can pour his life into me. When I see how Martha changes after this confrontation, I am encouraged that I too can grow in my walk with him.

  2. Joney,
    Thank you for your thoughtful writing. I love what you say at the very end about Martha's change after the confrontation. I am thankful for her story because it helps me to know that the attributes I share with Martha can also be paired with attributes of Mary - both of these women exist within us. Also, that The Lord will continue to do a work in me over my lifetime.

  3. Joney, I love your thoughts about the truth in this passage. It has been a revelation for me as well! And the rocks story might be the best analogy on priorities and obedience that I've ever heard!

  4. I am just now learning that what scripture says in Ephesians 4:23 'be renewed in the spirit of your mind' is not a one time event or choice that either stuck or didn't, but an ongoing daily, even moment to moment decision to draw close to the Lord's leading.

    I am so thankful to walk through this book with you, friend. Xo.