Monday, March 9, 2015

Martha's Teachable Heart - Mary Heart / Martha World [Week 9]

Martha thought she had value because she was productive. Jesus wanted her to learn she had value simply because she was his. [pg. 138]

This truth is still sinking in for me. It is hard for me to get off of my hamster wheel.

I have value apart from what I do or have to offer.

I have value because I AM HIS.

Joanna pointed out in chapter 2 that Jesus loved Martha as she was, but in His love for her He pushed her to change.

He was not concerned with her comfort - He was concerned for her heart.

His goal is not to pamper us physically but to perfect us spiritually. 
- Paul W. Powell [pg. 138]

I live my life as if the Lord owes me something. There is no more proof of this than when I look at the prayers I write in my journal. Mostly, they are the ramblings of a little child whining for what she wants. Joanna's writing challenges my view of what I think the Lord desires for me. Unfortunately for this fleshy Martha, He is not concerned with my mood or my whims.

He is concerned with my heart. He is calling me to be teachable.

Those closest to me would probably qualify me as a defensive person.

I am.

I have a really, REALLY hard time receiving criticism or rebuke without taking it personally. Even when it is clearly not personal, I find a way to make it such.

Joanna encourages us to understand the root of why we take a defensive stance.

...When you're busy in the Kitchen, the rebuke sounds harsh and demanding, just one more duty to fulfill. But when you listen from the Living Room, you hear the love in God's voice and it sounds like life for your soul. [pg. 141]

When I live my life in a place of productivity and performance, my heart is brittle rather than malleable.

Two chapters ago, Joanna wrote about our choice when it comes to matters with God.

With God we always have a choice in whether we acknowledge Him or accept Him.

Jesus' relationship with Martha was no different. She also had a choice....

For when we are corrected, rebuked, or chastened, we have a choice. We can receive it, or we can refuse it. [pg. 141]

Thankfully, Martha said yes! Because of her decision we get to see a personality like hers become teachable before the Lord in the possibly the hardest time in her life.

It is possible!

There is hope for Martha, and there is hope for you and me.

This chapter is a wake up call.

I don't want to live in a defensive stance. I want to be able to receive rebuke from the Lord and know that ALL He has for me comes from His great love.

This week we are called to have a teachable heart.

Let's talk about it.....

If you feel led, please comment below about all or just one of these items. We will focus on this chapter all week, so please jump in any day you find time. Also, please feel free to respond to others who have commented, let us encourage each other.

1. Question 3 from the Study Guide asks - What did you discover about yourself when filling out the "Are You Teachable" questionnaire on page 139?

2. What spoke most to you from this chapter?

I look forward to hearing form you :)

- brook.

* All quotes mentioned above are noted by page number and are taken from 'Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World' by Joanna Weaver.

** Find out more about Joanna's ministry and how to purchase her books here.


  1. Girl, I was going to share that part about us having value because we are His! How awesome, right?!! I breathed a sigh of relief when reading that! I love how Joanna mentions the story of the butterfly. I have women in my life whom I love but who are very unteachable and very bound with worry, bitterness, and fear. They are family and older so I have always seen that and asked God to save me from that pattern. It's true the difficulties we go through bring that character or metamorphosis of the soul. It also reminds me of what my mentor said to me.

    She said Jesus came to die for all our sin to give us abundant life now (like Joanna said). It's like going to Chuck E Cheese and having extra tickets. You keep them in a jar to save up but never use them. She said, I don't want to get to Heaven and miss out on all the opportunities to cash those tickets in while I was here. That's why Christ died. He wants to give us life now!

    I'm the same as you, I tend to have a lot of requests of God and parameters for Him, but I love that He won't leave me that way!

  2. This chapter just really flows from the last one. I love the bottom line of: Am I teachable?
    On page 146 she writes, "In fact, in our very refusal to apply God's truth to our lives, we may actually keep ourselves from hearing his voice in the future. Sin actually stops up our spiritual ears the same way excess wax plugs up our physical ones." James 1:22, "Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says." Joann also says, "Obedience is an essential ingredient in intimacy with God."
    It is a great chapter for the spiritually complacent. It moves you to learn and then take action. Don't just read the Bible, but put its writings into action and if you are disciplined then respond and change. Everyone has aspects that need to be changed.
    In the study guide questions it talks about David's prayer after his affair with Bathsheba. This is my paraphrase of Psalm 51:10-12, 'Change my heart, help me to keep up the change, let me feel your presence and Holy Spirit, Help me to have your joy and a willing spirit, be open to change'. I need to pray that daily. Our gift is that God does forgive and we can change.

  3. "I don't want to get to Heaven and miss out on all the opportunities to cash those tickets in while I was here. That's why Christ died. He wants to give us life now!"

    Your mentor sounds very wise. Thanks for walking with me in journey of faith, friend.

  4. "Change my heart oh God,
    Make it ever true.
    Change my heart oh God,
    May I be like You.

    You are the potter,
    I am the clay,
    Mold me and make me,
    This is what I pray."

    Have you ever sang that song? I love it.......the lyrics popped into my mind as I was reading your paraphrase of Psalm 51:10-12.

    Thanks for sharing.