Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Catch Up


It has been some time now.....especially since I did a photo journal.

Life is full and that I love, but I have missed writing and posting here - I just haven't found the time.

I finally sat down and gathered some photos from the past couple of months. And here they are.

[1] Patient Super Hero.

[2] The Sidekicks.

[3] The Vehicle.

[4] Sweet Pup.

[5] Littlest Doodles.

[6] Cast Off Paint Nubs.

[7] Learning How to Wash a Truck.

[8] Museum View.

[9] In the Zone.

[10] Waiting.

[11] "Mommy, Flowers for you."

[12] Special Lunch.

[13] Big Boy Room.

[14] Zoo Birds.

[15] April Showers.....

[16] He is Risen.

See you around, hopefully soon.

- brook.

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