Hi, I am brook......

I am a simple girl who loves her family, loves homemaking
but most of all loves God.

Writing this little blog is one way I try to keep my head and my heart on the same page.

Those you see below this line are the ones who fill my life and make me thankful for every day.

My Husband

Amazing. Talented. Loving. Patient. Kind. 

Basically, if you read about fruits of the spirit in the Bible, you have read about him. 

On the job, he is a freelance designer who wears cool sneakers and sticks to two main things "Work Hard. Be Nice." He designed all of the graphics for this blog.

Our Boys

[F] our oldest and [B] our youngest.

One is clean.

One is messy.

They are 15 months apart
and I adore them.

Although they would make this blog a lot more beautiful, I do not post pictures of their faces on the internet. 

My husband and I have felt from the beginning that we did not want our kids to have an online presence until they could create that presence for themselves. You will read about them some times here on Mama Bee No E, but mostly I write about my story as their mom.

Our Dog


Josh and [F] call her 'goose'.

I don't know why she ended up with two different names, but she answers to both. She is the dog of my dreams: loving, obedient, low maintenance.

Read more about her here.

Why 'Mama Bee No E'?

Mama - for obvious reasons, I am a mama.
Bee - My family started calling me 'Bee' a while back because of my first initial.
No E - My first name, Brook, does not have an 'E' on it like most people with this name.

Why I Blog...

This isn't my first blog.
The real reason I started blogging again.
The purpose of my writing.

A Few More Things

-  I was born with a broken heart, it was fixed, and now I understand what happened.

-  I have just started to figure things out....

Thanks to Jessica at Wright-Moore Photography for all the beautiful shots of our family.